What Are The Characteristics of Waterproof Nylon Fabric with Different Prices

Update: 25-03-2020

The waterproof nylon fabric is a common fabric in life. […]

The waterproof nylon fabric is a common fabric in life. Raincoat, quick-drying clothes, tents, rainproof cloth and windbreaker are all products made of waterproof fabric. The function of waterproof cloth is nothing more than waterproof and moistureproof. Why are the prices of waterproof cloth on the market different? What are the characteristics and functions of rain-proof cloths with different prices?

Prices of waterproof cloth on the market range from a dozen pieces per meter to several hundred pieces per meter. One reason why the price is so high is that the materials used to make waterproof cloth are different. There are two common waterproof fabrics: waterproof nylon fabric and polyester waterproof fabric.

Waterproof nylon fabric has good air permeability, but its windproof effect is poor. The price of waterproof cloth made of this material is relatively low. Common waterproof cloth of this type includes woven bag and shade cloth. Polyester waterproof fabric is characterized by first-class waterproof and windproof effects, but poor air permeability. The price of waterproof cloth of this material is relatively high. Common waterproof cloth of this type includes waterproof protection of chemical products and diving suit.

At present, the waterproof clothing on the market is often thousands of times. In fact, the reason why its price is high is not only because the waterproof materials used are different. Another reason for the higher price of waterproof clothing is that other ingredients and labour costs required to make clothes are relatively high. When making completely waterproof clothes, we need not only completely waterproof cloth with better waterproof performance, but also special glue to fill the gaps in the clothes. Most of the cost of a waterproof garment does not lie in the use of waterproof cloth, but in the glue injection on the sewing part of the garment.

At present, a kind of waterproof cloth which is waterproof and breathable is produced by the new technology. This kind of cloth is loved by people because of its good breathability and is mostly used for making ready-made clothes. As this type of cloth requires higher production technology, the price is correspondingly higher. The clothes made of this material are not only waterproof but also breathable can be effectively waterproof and will not make the skin feel damp, which is very suitable for people who are often in a humid environment.

After understanding the characteristics of waterproof fabric, some people ask whether such a good fabric is suitable for daily wear since the waterproof fabric is warm, waterproof and breathable. Is waterproof fabric healthy and environmentally friendly? In fact, although the waterproof fabric is an environment-friendly and healthy fabric, which is harmless to the human body, its characteristics of waterproof, windproof and poor air permeability determine that it can only be applied to specific fields. Our daily wear should still be based on comfort. When choosing clothes, try to choose fabrics with good air permeability and soft and comfortable texture.