Advantages and Disadvantages of Nylon Fabric

Update: 06-07-2021

Wujiang Wanshiyi Silk Co. Ltd is a professional nylon f […]

Wujiang Wanshiyi Silk Co. Ltd is a professional nylon fabric manufacturer, specializing in wholesale supply of high-quality nylon fabrics. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of nylon fabrics.

Advantages of nylon fabric:

Nylon is a synthetic fiber, so it has better mechanical strength and toughness. Its stretching and compression angles are even higher than that of metal. These characteristics determine that nylon fabrics have higher practicability and a wide range of application scenarios. Because of these characteristics, nylon is often used to produce waterproof clothing, jackets and some clothing accessories.

Nylon has extremely high heat resistance. Highly crystalline nylon can be used normally at a high temperature of 150 degrees Celsius. Therefore, nylon is not easy to damage the fabric due to high temperature during processing.

Outstanding fatigue resistance is a major feature of nylon fabrics. Even if the fabrics are repeatedly twisted and twisted, they are not easy to lose strength. They are often used for cyclic fatigue situations, such as bicycle rims and escalator handrails. Therefore, the application of nylon is not Limited to the field of clothing.

Nylon itself is non-toxic and tasteless, and the produced clothing will not cause harm to the human body. At the same time, nylon is easy to dye and easy to shape, which provides convenience for the design and production of clothing.

Abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance are very good, and it is resistant to corrosive substances such as gasoline, alcohol and salt. Therefore, clothes made of nylon fabrics have strong corrosion resistance, so it can be said that it is a kind of comparison. The easy-to-care fabrics can be thrown into the washing machine directly after washing, which is must-have clothing for lazy people.

The last point is because the price of nylon fabric is not high, so the price of this type of clothing is not high.

Disadvantages of nylon fabric:

The water absorption capacity is poor, and it will be boring to wear nylon clothes in the hot summer. Therefore, it is recommended to wear linen and other air-permeable clothing in the summer.

Nylon's antistatic ability is weak, and it is common for clothes to have static electricity. Because static electricity is easy to simulate human skin, it will have a great impact on human health in the long term. Therefore, if you want to wear nylon clothes when the weather is dry, it is recommended to spray first Water mist.

Although nylon is resistant to a high temperature but not low temperature, this defect is determined by the characteristics of the fiber, and it is generally difficult to improve.

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