Basic Requirements for Selecting Outdoor Protection Fabric

Update: 11-12-2019

When choosing the Outdoor Protection Fabric, we should […]

When choosing the Outdoor Protection Fabric, we should also pay attention to its functions. Mainly reflected in the textile fabric processing technology. Outdoor protection fabric has more design and processing links than ordinary fabrics and has many functions such as water repellency, wind resistance, moisture permeability, water pressure resistance, heat preservation, perspiration, shading, etc. Its excellent wearing performance is increasingly favoured by outdoor athletes and workers. Therefore, in the production process of outdoor protection fabric, quality is very critical. Keep in mind the three principles of self-protection: wind resistance, rain resistance and cold resistance. Even if you encounter typhoons in outdoor activities, you will not panic. The selection of outdoor protection fabric must follow the three principles of body protection.

Outdoor protection fabric should not only protect the wearer from dangerous chemicals, toxic substances and terrible microorganisms, but also ensure wearing comfort. Waterproof and moisture permeability has become the basic requirement for outdoor protective clothing. Outdoor protection fabric not only has the strength of the cotton fiber and good wear resistance but also has the characteristics of Oxford cloth, such as thick expansion, rich and soft, drape feeling and strong cotton texture. The waterproof and moisture permeable function is the choice for manufacturing high-functional protective clothing.