Bonded Fabric Are Popular With Consumers

Update: 31-08-2020

Bonded fabric are made of multi-layer fabrics, which ha […]

Bonded fabric are made of multi-layer fabrics, which has many advantages, such as soft texture, strong sense of fullness and thick appearance. Bonded fabric is formed by bonding the outer fabric with TPU and PTFE film, and the outer fabric is made of polyester, nylon or nylon-polyester blended fabric, which has soft hand feeling, wear resistance, tear resistance, good color and luster, excellent waterproof, breathable and windproof effects and long durability.

People prefer to make clothes with bonded fabric because they have good wrinkle resistance, clothes are not easy to wrinkle, and they are very washable. This kind of fabric is quite comfortable to wear and popular with consumers. Bonded fabric belong to one of the four products of non-woven bonded fabric technology, which is a very useful technology for people's lives. Everyone needs to wear clothes, but people prefer to make clothes with bonded fabric. Clothes made of bonded fabric have become a very common product, which is deeply loved by people. Bonded fabric can also be waterproof, so the clothes made of bonded fabric are not easy to be contaminated with dust and oil stains, and can also be used in the production of sofas, which are very soft and wear-resistant. Bonded fabric are one of the essential products at home.