Cationic Fabric Appear More And More In Our Clothes

Update: 17-08-2020

Perhaps you may often hear the words of textile industr […]

Perhaps you may often hear the words of textile industry such as cationic fabric, cationic dyes, two-color effects, etc. With the improvement of people's living standards and the improvement of aesthetic concepts, single-color, low-key and calm clothes can no longer meet people's needs, but prefer colorful, multi-color and color matching clothes; Therefore, cationic fabric appear more and more in our clothing. What is cationic fabric? What are its characteristics? Let's introduce cationic fabric.

One of the characteristics of cationic fabric is the bicolor effect. By using this characteristic, some dyed bicolor fabrics can be replaced, thus reducing the cost of fabrics, which is one of the characteristics of cationic fabric.

Cationic fabric have bright colors and are suitable for artificial fibers, but they have poor color fastness to washing and light when used in natural cellulose and protein fabrics.

The wear resistance of cationic fabric is also very good. After adding some artificial fibers such as polyester and spandex, the strength is higher and the elasticity is better, and the wear resistance is second only to nylon.

Cationic fabric have some chemical properties, such as corrosion resistance, dilute alkali resistance, bleach resistance, oxidant resistance, hydrocarbons, ketones, petroleum products and inorganic acids, and also have some physical properties, such as ultraviolet resistance.