Classification And Characteristics of Bonded fabric

Update: 13-11-2019

From the word "bonded", we can see that this kind of fa […]

From the word "bonded", we can see that this kind of fabric is a multi-layer textile fabric, which can be processed through multiple steps such as engineering and manpower. We can make it into a sofa, clothes and other special daily necessities. Nowadays, the Bonded fabric has already become a special fabric indispensable to modern life. We can get a lot of "benefits" from the bonded fabric itself, such as keeping warm and rain-proof. Next, let's take a closer look at bonded fabric.

1. Woven and woven bonded fabric

This kind of bonded fabric is very suitable for sportswear, with good elasticity and good thermal insulation effect. Of course, the appearance of this kind of bonded fabric is also very good. It has already become a hot clothing product in the market. Common bonded fabric is mostly used as jackets and windbreakers, with bright colours and a strong sense of use.

2. Ordinary bonded fabric

This kind of fabric is different from the former. It is made by combining the fabric with the inner material and uses a special adhesive. The fabric of this material has a good texture. It must have a lower price than the former and is more suitable for making clothes.

3. Functional bonded fabric

The functional bonded fabric is suitable for making various bed sheets, cushions and other articles. This kind of fabric is waterproof, but also can resist radiation and abrasion and is very easy to use.