Cotton Nylon Fabric Can Play Its Role In Every Season

Update: 24-08-2020

The cotton nylon fabric can be described as the evergre […]

The cotton nylon fabric can be described as the evergreen tree of leisure fashion raw materials in recent 20 years. Because of its high cotton content and high nylon strength, it is not only comfortable and classy to wear, but also has high cost performance, varied fashion elements, mature technology and stable quality, so it has always been favored by fashion brands. Cotton nylon fabric adds elasticity and enriches fashion elements and functions on the basis of cotton nylon fabric.

Cotton nylon fabric is actually a traditional textile, which has a stable growth period of nearly 20 years in China, and its market share has not been low. This is because cotton nylon fabric has both fashion and leisure, and its dual characteristics make it very popular in the market. In addition to the advantages of functional use, another reason is that the cotton content of cotton nylon fabric is generally above 60%, which is very pure natural in appearance, comfortable to wear and better in texture than cotton cloth, thus ensuring the high-quality positioning of cotton nylon fabric. From the perspective of production and supply, cotton nylon fabric belongs to a very mature class of textiles. Because of its abundant fabrics and large space for design innovation, cotton nylon fabric manufacturers with strong innovation ability can endow the original traditional cotton nylon fabric with new fashion elements and functional characteristics by adjusting the raw material combination and organizational changes, combined with the improvement of dyeing and finishing process, and make cotton nylon fabric rejuvenate constantly during the changes. Therefore, the market demand has always maintained high stability.

Cotton nylon fabric is made of pure cotton yarn and nylon yarn interwoven on air-jet loom. The fabric has bright luster and smooth and full hand feeling. It is mostly suitable for women's leggings, windbreakers, cotton-padded jacket, jackets and other styles. Kam-cotton fabric inherits the advantages of cotton fabric, which is not too seasonal. Kam-cotton fabric can play its role in every season.