Cotton Nylon Fabric New Creative Fabric Order Local Increase

Update: 24-04-2020

Recently, in the China Light Textile City market, there […]

Recently, in the China Light Textile City market, there has been a partial increase in the listing of many varieties of cotton nylon fabric in the spring. Some front-store and back-office cloth companies and large-scale business operators, as well as fabrics with creative styles, have been favoured by buyers from the north and south and garment production enterprises in the secondary market. Local orders have been placed more smoothly.

Cotton stretch sanding, cotton stretch satin, cotton stretch double-sided diagonal, cotton stretch slub reactive dyed fabrics are sold locally in batches. The sales volume of medium-thick products in spring of cotton stretch fabrics with fashionable cotton, cotton stretch fabrics and spandex yarn increased partially. Locally listed brocade, cotton and ground wool are also relatively popular. The small-batch and multi-variety local transactions are also relatively smooth with cotton nylon composite cloth, cotton nylon coated cloth and cotton nylon plus metal wire memory fashion cloth, and cotton nylon plus metal wire imitation memory fashion cloth.

In the recent market, orders for new creative fabrics of cotton nylon increased in part in spring, and some cloth companies and large-scale outlets received orders relatively smoothly. In spring, domestic demand for cotton nylon fashion fabrics and cotton nylon leisure fabrics increased partially, but foreign trade orders declined partially, and foreign counterparts entered the market with insufficient orders. The new style of cotton nylon casual fabric, twill, satin, irregular random pattern and plain weave, twill weave and satin weave is very popular with its counterparts.