Description of Durable Lightweight Waterproof Nylon Fabric

Update: 11-10-2021

The tear-resistant, durable, waterproof and lightweight […]

The tear-resistant, durable, waterproof and lightweight nylon fabric is suitable for various applications, such as kites, homemade wind turbines, DIY pet clothing, inflatables, tents, traps, picnic blankets, banners, hiking backpacks, lightweight sports bags, etc.

Strong and light. The fabric is light and thin, made of 40D tear-resistant nylon, very durable and beyond your expectations.

PU coating has excellent water resistance, UV resistance and protective layer to maintain bright colors.

Easy to cut and sew. The property of "tear resistance" means that fabric tears will not spread like other ordinary fabrics. The sound of nylon fabric is slightly crisp.

Application of lightweight nylon fabric:

It is used in various projects as shown below

Set: kite tail, single-row kite, aluminum foil kite, etc.

Flags: banners, sleeping bags, windbreakers, etc.

Bags: zipper bags, light bags, storage bags, etc.

It is very suitable for many DIY works and more creative projects.

Note: Nylon melts at high temperatures and is not heat resistant.

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