Digital Printing Fabric Is More Suitable For Medium And High-grade Products

Update: 08-04-2020

The digital printing fabric is printed fabric with digi […]

The digital printing fabric is printed fabric with digital technology. Digital printing technology is a new and high-tech product that integrates mechanical, computer, electronic and information technology with the continuous development of computer technology. The emergence and continuous improvement of this technology have brought a brand-new concept to the textile printing and dyeing industry. Its advanced production principles and methods have brought an unprecedented development opportunity to the textile printing and dyeing industry.

Digital printing includes digital direct spray printing and digital thermal transfer printing. Direct digital inkjet printing means that you can directly print the patterns you need on various materials with a digital printer. Digital thermal transfer printing requires printing patterns on special paper in advance and then transferring them to various materials by thermal transfer printing, such as T-shirts, underwear, sportswear and other clothing.

However, the cost of digital printing fabric is still higher than that of ordinary printed fabrics, which determines that digital printing fabrics are more suitable for high-end products and products with high added value. For example, digital printing has just appeared and is suitable for many applications on real silk. This is the reason. However, chemical fiber fabrics are also widely used now. The logic lies in high processing cost and low blank price. Looking at the current trend in the fashion industry, chemical fiber fabrics, such as silk-like fabrics, are the most widely used.