Digital Printing Fabric Provide New Possibilities

Update: 04-09-2020

The digital printing fabric provide designers with many […]

The digital printing fabric provide designers with many choices that they didn't have before. When using screen printing technology (or earlier technology) to print photographic pictures, it is difficult to deal with the mixing effect from one color to another, but it is easy to use new technology.

In addition, digital printing fabric provide designers with new possibilities and bring more benefits to the production process. This is particularly reflected in the following two aspects: the time spent printing fabrics into products and the convenience (or low cost) of sample making.

The dye utilization rate of digital printing and dyeing process is higher-only about 60% of the dye can remain on the fabric in screen printing, and the remaining dye after washing the fabric is wasted. In contrast, the dyes left in digital printed fabrics that may cause environmental problems are negligible.

Digital printing fabric provide a customized level that other printing methods can't match. Any changes in the content and size of the pattern can be reflected on the fabric immediately, and can be restored immediately if necessary. Well-designed patterns can be scaled to suit any size of clothing, which is usually very expensive in screen printing, because each pattern with different sizes is required to make a brand-new screen version.

In addition, different elements in the digital printing fabric can be quickly combined and embodied in the existing patterns. Although these possibilities are still in their infancy and will not be widely adopted in the short term.