Down Jacket, The Warmest Hiding Place In Winter

Update: 06-09-2021

Cotton down is undoubtedly one of the main forces of fa […]

Cotton down is undoubtedly one of the main forces of fashion, and it is also a must-have item for a handful of people. As a style that must be developed every year, the comfort and quality of down proof fabrics are often the focus of major brands.

In the new season, Wanshiyi has developed "20D matte wrinkle" cotton down fabrics. The fabrics are smooth and textured, with a sense of style and an attitude of keeping warm and wearing. Lightweight and thin and warm fabrics replace the heavy "bloated" visual sense in the past, subvert the heavy label impression of down jackets in the past, and perceive a soft embrace like a cloud.

Fashionable large-profile bright color down jacket, bright energy color, warm and healing feeling. Add energy and healing to the winter.

With the increase in the market share of green in the luxury goods market, new shapes are often presented in cross-season color ratios. The soft green tone is widely attractive in autumn and winter. Vivid bright green has many appearances in this machine. The fabric presents a variety of feelings, matte texture, and secret micro-wrinkle texture. The single product is fully advanced under the windproof and waterproof fabric.

Bright and dazzling bright yellow brings an innate sense of vitality. With the bold and innovative design, it shows the self-confident and free and easy personality. The bright yellow with high color brightness makes the visual effect more soothing, comfortable and warm and smooth to the touch, creating stylish and casual cotton down jacket single product.

Down jacket, the warmest hiding place in winter. Give people meticulous warmth and care. The nobility of clothing comes from fabrics. When you meet fashion in Wanshiyi, follow the official website and contact customer service to get the latest down jacket fabric.