Explore The Mystery of The Yarn Dyed Fabric

Update: 10-11-2020

Yarn dyed fabric is an indispensable high-grade pure co […]

Yarn dyed fabric is an indispensable high-grade pure cotton fabric in modern life. Perhaps you have never heard of yarn dyed fabrics, let us uncover the mystery of yarn dyed fabrics.

Yarn-dyed weaving means that when weaving into cloth, we use pre-dyed yarn instead of woven into white fabric and then printed and dyed. Fabric is the material used to make clothing. As one of the three elements of clothing, fabrics can not only interpret the style and characteristics of clothing, but also directly influence the color and shape of clothing.

yarn dyed fabrics are often used as shirt fabrics. Lightweight yarn dyed fabrics are comfortable and breathable. They are especially suitable for single wear. They are equipped with high-grade cotton fabrics that are indispensable for modern life.


1. The color fastness is better. Because it is dyed yarn first, the color will penetrate into the yarn, and printed and dyed fabrics usually peel off the yarn and find that there is no color in some places.

2. The MOQ is small. No matter what yarn weaving, density, texture, color, tens of meters or hundreds of meters, it can be done, but it is difficult to customize dyed printed cloth without grey cloth, and the dyeing and printing process will also limit small batch production.

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