Factors Affecting The Quality of Outdoor Protection Fabric

Update: 20-04-2021

Outdoor sports are gradually becoming a popular trend i […]

Outdoor sports are gradually becoming a popular trend in China, and the pursuit of outdoor sports is slowly becoming a fashion. Therefore, outdoor protection fabric has a higher and higher share of the Chinese market. Some students, white-collar workers and higher-income groups are increasingly choosing clothing The more functional and comfortable to wear, so outdoor functional clothing came into being.

function means the beneficial effect of things or methods. Functional clothing is to maximize the functions of the clothing. The same outdoor functional clothing is expensive due to the complexity of its processing technology. A well-known brand outdoor clothing is worth thousands or thousands of yuan. Why is it so? expensive? Its brand culture has formed the value of the brand after decades of accumulation and interpretation and the pursuit of quality.

Outdoor fabrics are divided into two types: one is clothing made of outdoor sports fabrics. This type of fabrics are mainly mountaineering suits, ski suits, and jackets. The styles are rough, the hand feels stiff, and the product performance requirements are very high. It is suitable for sports functions. And use in harsh environments, it has a protective effect on people.

The other is clothing made of outdoor leisure fabrics, which is defined as outdoor activities when you go out of your home. This type of fabric is mainly casual and fashionable, with exquisite workmanship, soft feel, and comfortable wearing.

How to judge the quality and function of outdoor clothing? Its meaning is mainly reflected in the function of textile fabrics. The functions include the following tests: shrinkage, seam slippage, elongation strength, tear strength, PH value, waterproofness, water pressure resistance, Physical performance indicators such as moisture permeability, rain, light, water stains, sweat stains, friction, machine washing, etc.

The processing technology of these outdoor fabrics is more complex than conventional fabrics, involves more processing links, and has multiple functions such as waterproof, windproof, moisture permeability, water pressure resistance, warmth, perspiration, and UV protection. Therefore, it is very important to control the quality in the production process of textile fabrics. The essential.

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