How About The Quality of Lightweight Nylon Fabric Down Jacket

Update: 27-11-2019

Down jacket is usually made of duck down, goose down an […]

Down jacket is usually made of duck down, goose down and other birds' abdominal down and processed into winter warm clothes. As is known to all, down jacket is made of down from birds and has sharp spines, so it is easy for down to escape. In order to spin down and escape, down jacket usually uses feather prevention cloth, and the raw materials of feather prevention cloth are usually dense fabrics made of lightweight nylon fabric and other synthetic-fibre fabrics.

How about the quality of lightweight nylon fabric down jacket? This problem can be analyzed from three aspects: feather prevention performance, air permeability and price.

1. Nylon fabric, i.e. nylon, is much more delicate and skin-friendly, so it is loved by everyone, especially in making down jacket. This also determines why lightweight nylon fabric is used for down jacket, which is unavoidable for any down jacket.

2. Down jacket should not only consider the thermal insulation performance but also consider the ventilation, which has a great relationship with the outer and inner materials of a down jacket. Especially in the selection of nylon fabric, it should not only be windproof, but also breathable, and at the same time, it should achieve certain thermal insulation performance.

From the above two points, it is not difficult to see that lightweight nylon fabric is one of the choices for making outer cloth for a down jacket. As for the quality, it has a great relationship with the choice of raw materials and cutting technology.