How to Store Waterproof Fabric When Not in Use?

Update: 20-10-2020

Waterproof fabric is a very common item in life. When w […]

Waterproof fabric is a very common item in life. When we cross the road or on the road, we will have large trucks and so on. At this time, we will find that there is a rainproof cloth on the car. The rainproof cloth is to protect the goods from rain and dust pollution. When we use it, we must be careful not to puncture sharp objects. Although they are even small, we must be careful, otherwise it will be a lot of money, and how to store them when we don't need rain cloths? Let's come together have a look.

First of all, it is necessary to do a good job of folding and packing the rain cloth. The specific methods are as follows:

1. First, spread the fat rain cloth face upwards flatly, remember to leave two cast ropes (D type is angle rope), and then fold the two sides of the length direction to the longitudinal center line of the rain cloth.

2. Then divide the folded sides into three evenly, and fold them twice toward the longitudinal centerline.

3. Fold the two sides of the rain cloth in the width direction to the center line of the rain cloth building, and then fold it in two consecutively to the middle (three times for D type), and then work hard.

4. Bundle it with reserved ropes and cross on both sides. Be sure to call for a car. At the same time, the peak head must be good for your wife. There should be no looseness and rope buckle, and no rain cloth should be dragged.

5. The folding plate is easy to use, and the road color and the city cloth number on the rain cloth should be fully and clearly exposed for the next use. In fact, the purpose of folding the rain cloth is to facilitate the transportation, safety, copy number and loading of the rain cloth. After checking, burying and keeping the rain cloth, it is necessary to pay attention to the place where the cloth needs to be stored. The best place to store the rain cloth is indoors. Do not expose it to the outdoors. In addition, keep the space for circulation away from heat sources.

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