Let's Get to Know An Ultra-Thin Outdoor Fabric

Update: 14-01-2022

An ultra-light and thin outdoor fabric, including a bas […]

An ultra-light and thin outdoor fabric, including a base fabric, is characterized in that the surface of the base fabric is coated with PU glue, and the surface of the PU glue is pasted with a PU film. Bonded fabric is ultra-fine denier, that is, 20-denier fabric, and the total weight of the coating layer and adhesive layer on the surface is 5-8 g/m2.

Outdoor clothing has become one of the essential items for people to travel and travel. Especially the outdoor clothing used in special harsh environments such as mountain climbing, polar scientific research, field operations, skiing, extreme sports, etc., such as severe cold, humidity, strong wind, etc., is an indispensable product for people who live in these areas.

However, most of the multi-functional fabrics currently on the market only focus on the functions of rainproof, moisture permeability, warmth retention, deodorization and sterilization of the fabrics, while the functions of the fabrics such as tear resistance and ultra-thinness are omitted. Even if there are some so-called multi-functional ultra-light and thin fabrics, usually a layer of film is pasted on the surface or coated. The fabrics obtained by these two methods have different functions and cannot be realized. Ultra-thin and versatile.

But the lightweight nylon fabric we are going to talk about today is made of three materials: ultra-light and thin nylon fabric + PU glue + PU film. It has five functions such as waterproof, moisture permeability, warmth retention, tear resistance, and ultra-thin It meets the waterproof and moisture-permeable functionality and ultra-thin convenience requirements of active clothing such as mountaineering and skiing. It is especially suitable for outdoor activities such as mountaineering that not only need to reduce the weight of the items on the back, but also need the clothing itself to have excellent protective performance.

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