Memory Fabric Has Been Favored By Many Consumers

Update: 15-06-2021

At present, all domestic memory fabrics rely on imports […]

At present, all domestic memory fabrics rely on imports, mainly polyester. The better quality memory fabric has a bright appearance, comfortable feel, good wrinkle effect and recovery ability. It has become one of the latest international trendy fabrics. One of the properties of smoothing and smoothing makes the product completely free of ironing.

New environmentally friendly fabric-memory cloth, memory fiber fabric is another popular leisure fabric after Tencel and metal wire. Memory fiber fabric has become the focus of the domestic textile industry in 2007.

At present, this fabric includes plain weave and twill two-color varieties, among which the two-color effect is the main product. The manufacturing process of memory fabric is complicated, and it needs to go through environmentally friendly dyeing, water splashing, Teflon, sanding, bronzing, silver coating, printing, p/a, p/u transparent glue, white glue processing, high water pressure film, dry and wet ventilation Complex processing with multiple procedures such as moisture permeable glue, t/pu breathable film, etc. Its main uses are functional outdoor sportswear, racing suits, branded ready-to-wear, down jackets, raincoats, jackets, sportswear, casual wear, handbags, bags, sleeping bags, tents, bedding, etc.

But from the current trend, it is mainly used in branded ready-to-wear, jackets, sportswear, and casual wear. Domestic enterprises still rely mainly on imported polyester yarns to produce such varieties of fabrics.

At present, lighter and thinner structure, functional use, and fashionable style are the popular trends of clothing fabrics and the effects pursued by designers. In order to meet people's needs, the majority of manufacturers and operators in the textile market continue to introduce new fabrics.

Driven by this trend, the memory fabric market is always new products. At present, many insightful textile companies invest in new fabrics for memory fiber fabrics.

Among them, the memory-like fabrics not only use the "jacquard, grid, and strip" process in the weaving, but also dyed weaving, etc., using calendering, bronzing, embossing, etc. in the post-dyeing and finishing process.

The product feel, texture, and color have been greatly improved. With its attractive charm, it has attracted many customers and will become one of the mainstream products of leisure fabrics in the second half of the year.

Recently, several memory cloths have become the new favorites in the market. Among them, the small square memory-like fabric uses polyester memory-like yarn and polyester black yarn as raw materials, selects a fine lattice structure, and is woven on a water jet loom, and then undergoes stitching, strong twisting, pre-shrinking, shaping, over-dyeing, etc. Fine processing technology.

This cloth is comfortable to wear, easy to take care of, soft and not wrinkle, good usability, charming grid-shaped small grid imitation memory cloth. Why does it become popular in the market, mainly due to the combination of raw materials and impeccable quality; second is the beautiful grid , Full of rich and elegant style. The beauty and good quality of this cloth style has been favored by many consumers.