Memory Fabric Is Irreplaceable By Other Fabrics

Update: 20-07-2020

I believe many people may have seen this word-memory fa […]

I believe many people may have seen this word-memory fabric more or less on the Internet. What kind of fabric is this? Can fabrics still be remembered? What technology is this? Nowadays, many feather fabrics choose memory fabric. Why? Because the memory fabric has the following characteristics:

1. It has a unique memory function, and comfort is hand feeling, which cannot be replaced by any other fiber.

2. The fabric is soft and shiny, making it comparable to silk.

3. Anti-wrinkle, anti-shrinkage, drapability and smoothness, and extremely non-ironing effect are its unique characteristics.

4. It does not absorb dust, so it is particularly resistant to dirt.

At present, the memory fabric on the market can be divided into the following three types:

Semi-memory fabric:

"Semi-memory" means that "memory fiber" is used in a single direction of warp or weft.

True memory fabric:

"Full memory" usually refers to fabrics made of "memory fiber" in both warp and weft directions.

"Memory-imitating" is a common polyester yarn twisted and treated with light alkali or no alkali. Memory-imitating fabric is a filament fabric. It is more difficult to dye than to remember completely. Memory-imitating series fabrics not only adopt jacquard, jacquard and strip-lifting processes in weaving, but also use calendering, bronzing and embossing in post-treatment of dyeing and finishing. The feel, texture and color of the products have been greatly improved. Most of these fabrics are raw in hand feeling, weak in toughness and weak in elastic recovery after deformation. Some people use PU coating to improve the elasticity of these counterfeit memory fabric, which is somewhat similar to true memory in hand feeling.