Memory Fabric Is Very Popular in The Fabric Market

Update: 03-01-2020

The memory fabric is relatively mature and affordable i […]

The memory fabric is relatively mature and affordable in the textile market and is very popular in the fabric market due to its non-ironing characteristics. There are generally three kinds of memory-like fabrics, semi-memory fabrics and full-memory fabrics on the market. The three kinds of fabrics have different effects on the finished products due to different technologies and materials.

The so-called "semi-memory" in the market refers to the "memory fibers" used in the warp or weft direction, while the "full memory" usually refers to the fabrics woven with "memory fibers" as the warp and weft raw materials. However, the "memory-imitating" fabric is made of filaments, which is more difficult to dye than full memory. Imitation memory fabric mainly uses PET twisting to make it have certain memory function, but it has no better memory effect than PTT fabric, but the price is cheaper than full memory fabric.

In the fabric market, many manufacturers also use ordinary polyester yarns to twist and treat them with light alkali or non-alkali to falsely claim that they are memory fabrics. The fabrics produced by this process are mostly crude in hand feeling, weak in toughness, poor in elastic recovery after deformation, relatively weak, and unable to achieve the effect of memory fabrics.