Nylon Fabric Manufacturers Analyze Their Cost Performance from Four Aspects

Update: 18-12-2019

Nylon fabric clothes are made of pure nylon fabric. Nyl […]

Nylon fabric clothes are made of pure nylon fabric. Nylon is the first synthetic chemical fibre discovered by American scientist Carothers, also known as polyamide fibre, namely nylon.

How about 100% nylon fabric? This depends on the hand feeling, colour, maintenance, washing and price of the fabric. The following is a nylon fabric manufacturers analysis of its cost performance from four aspects.

1. Nylon fabric feels: Nylon fabric feels very soft. Compared with other synthetic fibres, such as polyester spandex, it feels more delicate.

2. Nylon fabric color: Nylon fabric colour is bright, so it is used to make photosensitive silk stockings and backpacks.

3. Maintenance difficulty of nylon fabric: Nylon fabric clothes Inherited the characteristics of nylon fabric, Therefore, Nylon fabric washing needs neutral detergent, The water temperature should not be above 45℃, no exposure, easy ageing.

4. Nylon fabric price: Nylon fabric is a synthetic chemical fibre fabric, and its raw materials are derived from petroleum refining byproducts, so the price is relatively low. At the same time, Nylon fabric is widely used in factory ready-to-wear garment production because its dyeing performance is higher than other fibre fabrics of the synthetic fibre family.

Analyzing nylon fabric from the above four aspects, it is not difficult to find that nylon fabric is not expensive. It is commonly used in factory clothing and also used in some high-end products, such as women's light stockings and high-end backpacks, because nylon fabric has very high wear resistance.