Ordinary Bonded Fabric And Functional Bonded Fabric

Update: 24-09-2020

Market research shows that garment Bonded fabric is a n […]

Market research shows that garment Bonded fabric is a new type of material made by bonding one or more layers of textile materials, non-woven materials and other functional materials. Bonded fabric can be divided into ordinary bonded fabric (which are made by bonding fabrics and linings with adhesives, so as to improve the texture of fabrics, which is suitable for garment processing process simplification and mass production) and functional bonded fabric (which have special functions such as waterproof, moisture-permeable, radiation-resistant, washing-resistant and wear-resistant).

Six international popular bonded processes, namely, hot-sol powder coating bonded process, hot-sol paste bonded process, hot-sol powder spreading bonded process: process, hot-sol double-point bonded process, polyurethane spraying bonded process and polyurethane roller coating bonded process, are relatively new fabrics developed by the market. In short, they are fabrics compounded by two kinds of fabrics. In the past, the common compounding was suede fabric and wool, but now it can be compounded with any fabric.

Every batch of bonded fabric should be effectively maintained. First, the reverse fabric should be coated (the film is a transparent material similar to nylon film), and then it should be maintained. The longer the maintenance time, the better the bonding fastness of fabrics and the fusion degree of adhesives.