Outdoor Protection Fabric Is Widely Used in Outdoor Clothing

Update: 30-10-2019

At present, outdoor clothing is developing towards the […]

At present, outdoor clothing is developing towards the trend of humanization, diversified functions and lightweight. With the continuous development of Outdoor Protection Fabric and garment manufacturing technology, various kinds of excellent outdoor protection fabric are widely used in outdoor garments. Due to the backing of functional fabrics, outdoor clothing is more powerful. So that users can calmly face the harsh and complicated outdoor climate environment. With the development of technology and the accumulation of outdoor users' experience, outdoor clothing layer-by-layer dressing method has been widely accepted and applied. Its structure can be divided into three layers:

Close-fitting perspiration layer:

One of the most important things to pay attention to outdoor activities is to maintain body temperature, which will have many serious effects on the human body. If your close-fitting clothes are damp, you will still feel cold no matter how many clothes you wear. Because the body temperature will decrease with the evaporation of water on the body surface. Therefore, the choice of good personal clothing materials is based on sweat-wicking and quick-drying performance.

Intermediate thermal layer:

Traditional thermal insulation materials are mostly all kinds of wool products. However, wool products have two main disadvantages: first, they are heavy (resulting in increased weight and limiting the flexibility of users in performing technical actions); Second, it is easy to damp (easy to cause human body temperature loss).

External functional layer:

Friends who often take part in outdoor activities know how important a windproof and waterproof garment is in the changeable environment in the wild. As the first barrier to protect the human body and contact with the outside world. The functional layer and its clothing are essential items in outdoor clothing.