Proper Maintenance Can Prolong The Life of Waterproof Nylon Fabric

Update: 15-01-2020

With the passage of time, it is inevitable that the per […]

With the passage of time, it is inevitable that the performance of waterproof nylon fabric will decline slightly, but proper maintenance can also prolong its service life.

1. Don't fold too much at ordinary times.

Try to hang it like a suit instead of folding it for a long time, but it can also be folded and stored in a short time.

2. Keep away from high temperature sources

Adhesive pressing and bonding rely on high temperature thermal bonding, and no matter polyester, nylon or adhesive pressing films, most chemical fibers are petroleum metabolites and are afraid of high temperature.

3. Do not overstretch

Waterproof nylon fabric has almost no elasticity. Although the surface fabric is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, it is still afraid of stretching.

4. Stay away from direct open flames or cigarette butts

Almost half of the holes and perforations in waterproof nylon fabric are caused by the high temperature of cigarette butts.

5. Keep away from oil pollution as far as possible.

Oil stains can block the micropores of the waterproof-breathable film and affect the air permeability of the waterproof nylon fabric.