Relevant Knowledge of Memory Fabric

Update: 07-01-2022

What material is the memory fabric? What are the charac […]

What material is the memory fabric? What are the characteristics of memory fabrics?

memory fabric is a functional fabric developed by DuPont in the United States. The fabric has a strong form memory function, that is, the fabric has particularly good anti-wrinkle performance, after repeated kneading and folding. You can still quickly restore the original state.

What is the material of the memory fabric?

1. The memory fabric contains PDO, its chemical formula, 1,3-propanol, is purified from grain starch, which makes the overall moisture absorption performance of the fabric particularly good.

2. 99% of the fabric composition is polyester fiber. Therefore, the memory fabric is a polyester fiber fabric.

What are the characteristics of memory fabrics?

1. Memory fabric has a good moisture wicking effect.

2. The ability to resist wrinkles is particularly strong, and it can maintain a good shape of the fabric without external support.

3. The memory fabric feels particularly good, has a soft color, has good drape, and is very resistant to dirt. The chemical properties of the fabric are very stable, and it has a certain anti-ultraviolet and anti-static effect.

4. The finished garments processed with memory fabric do not need ironing, because the fabric itself has the effect of maintaining the prototype, so it can save a lot of time in daily setup.

5. Memory fabrics are particularly widely used on suits. This is mainly due to the excellent anti-wrinkle performance of memory fabrics, so it is very popular with businesses.

The above is the little knowledge related to memory fabrics that Wanshiyi has compiled for you, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.