Significance Of Printing And Dyeing Proofing To Transfer Printing Fabric

Update: 11-06-2020

People in the field all know that before mass productio […]

People in the field all know that before mass production of transfer printing fabric, a few yards of sample cloth should be printed to obtain the approval of pattern designers or customers. This process is called bulk printing. Printing and dyeing proofing is a very important link in the whole production process of transfer printing fabric, and the proofing effect is directly related to the quality of the final product.

Proofing is divided into small sample, horse sample and large sample. The purpose of proofing is to prepare for accurate mass production, but in fact there are still some differences between samples and finished products. proofing is mainly divided into the following links:

(1) Examination of flower patterns and patterns. In particular, electronic artwork or paper patterns originating from design drawings need to be printed on specific fabrics to test the overall effect of the design.

(2) color inspection. The requirements for color in printing and dyeing are relatively high. Different fuels, different dye configurations, different fabrics and different technologies will all affect the final production color.

(3) Inspection of printing and dyeing process. The traditional process of fabric printing and proofing is very complicated.

Printing and dyeing proofing has always been a time-consuming, high-cost and unavoidable process. In order to achieve satisfactory results, it is often necessary to repeat proofing several times, and the proofing cycle may take as long as several weeks. Due to the high design cost, heavy workload and long time, as well as the complicated process of screen making and fabric printing, the cost of proofing is very high, which has always been a difficulty in fabric printing.