The Advantages and Production Pattern of Yarn Dyed Fabrics

Update: 26-11-2021

Compared with printed and dyed fabrics, yarn dyed fabri […]

Compared with printed and dyed fabrics, yarn dyed fabrics have obvious advantages in color, three-dimensionality, and color fastness. However, due to the large loss of dyeing, weaving, and finishing processes, the Taiwanese production is not as high as that of white gray fabrics. , So the investment cost is high and the technical requirements are high. Yarn-dyed fabrics account for only 7% of the global cotton spinning industry, and the proportion of printed and dyed fabrics and denim is the highest. In the future, as consumers' demand for clothing colors becomes more fashionable and changeable, the development prospects of yarn-dyed fabrics are still great.

Yarn-dyed jacquard fabric means that the yarn is dyed into different colors and then jacquard before weaving. This type of fabric not only has a remarkable jacquard effect but also has rich and soft colors. It is a high-end product in jacquard. Yarn-dyed jacquard fabric is the weaving factory directly weaves the pattern on the high-quality grey cloth, so its pattern cannot be washed off with water, avoiding the disadvantage of the printed fabric that washes off the color. Yarn-dyed jacquard fabric uses environmentally friendly printing and dyeing technology It does not contain 20 kinds of heavy metals such as aromatic amines and harmful As, Pb, Cd, etc., which are explicitly prohibited by the Ministry of Textiles. It is green and pollution-free.

Yarn-dyed fabric production pattern:

High-end yarn-dyed fabrics, about 800 million meters per year worldwide, are mainly concentrated in China, which accounts for 35-40% of the world's high-end yarn-dyed fabrics. Top yarn-dyed fabrics, no more than 50 million square meters per year in the world, mainly concentrated in a few manufacturers such as Italy, France, Germany and Japan, targeting fashion and top brand shirts, low-end yarn-dyed fabrics, about 3 billion meters per year in China, 90% in China Yarn-dyed fabric is a low-end product.

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