The Characteristics And Market of Cationic Fabric Are Analyzed

Update: 21-02-2020

The cationic fabric is polyester fabric. Cationic fabri […]

The cationic fabric is polyester fabric. Cationic fabric generally uses cationic silk in the warp direction and ordinary polyester silk in the weft direction. Dyes are also used for dyeing respectively. Ordinary dyes are used for polyester silk and cationic dyes are used for cationic silk. The cloth surface effect will have a two-colour effect. The fabric has the characteristics of fastness, wrinkle resistance, abrasion resistance, soft hand feeling, etc.

Cationic fabric clothing varieties are mostly plaid styles, including men's and women's shirts, women's skirts, and women's dual-purpose shirts. Shirts are more popular, and some matching styles have been sold repeatedly in small and medium batches. Yarn-dyed striped patterns for clothing are available in both small and medium batches from stock and in small and medium combinations. The renovation and listing of cationic fabrics have become a new bright spot in the near future. The varieties represented by texture and jacquard are currently selected by different customers.

Cationic fabrics can be used not only to make shirts but also for outdoor clothing and tooling clothing, such as tents, etc., with a very wide range of uses.