The Characteristics of Cotton Nylon Fabric Are Not Only on Metallic Lustre

Update: 27-12-2019

The cotton nylon fabric is mainly composed of polyester […]

The cotton nylon fabric is mainly composed of polyester-cotton, brocade cotton, brocade polyester and cotton, with metal wire content of about 5%. It has started to enter the market in the past two years. It is a popular fabric with high added value in the current market. It has antistatic, radiation-resistant and flashing properties, and is widely used in scientific research, military high-tech and electronic and medical industries.

Cotton nylon fabric is generally cotton and polyester or nylon accounting for more than 90%, and the rest is metal wire. Cotton nylon fabric refers to a kind of high-grade fabric formed by high-tech wire-drawing treatment of metal into metal fibres and embedding them into clothing. In the overall fabric, metal wires account for about 3%~8%. Generally, under the same technical level, the higher the proportion of metal wires, the more expensive it is. Because of the metal wires implanted, the overall colour of the fabric is brilliant and bright. If there is metallic light, it can reflect the unique lustre of the metal. However, it should be noted that the characteristics of cotton nylon fabric are not only on the metallic lustre but also have the functions of static electricity and radiation prevention, which are more conducive to the adjustment of all aspects of the body.

1. It is formed by interweaving metal wires with polyester and nylon filaments. The surface of the fabric has a metallic lustre, flickering faintly, and changes with the change of light source.

2. The metal filament has special rigidity and variable bending, so the fabric has a special variable shape memory wrinkle effect.

3. The fabric has the functional effects of anti-radiation, anti-static and other health concepts. Due to the above characteristics, the fabric is suitable for manufacturing men's and women's fashion jackets, high-grade casual cotton coats and casual down jackets, and can show elegance, luxury, romantic temperament and taste after wearing.

4. Cotton nylon fabric is currently the most popular functional fabric with natural memory wrinkles and antistatic property. It is woven into the fabric without embroidery, so that it will have very good anti-light effect after being made into ready-to-wear clothes, especially in sunlight and lamplight.