The Concept and Characteristics of Memory Fabrics

Update: 13-10-2020

What is memory fabric? Is memory fabric good? What are […]

What is memory fabric? Is memory fabric good? What are the advantages of memory fabrics?

Memory fabric refers to the fabric with the function of form memory, and some people call it memory fabric. The characteristic of this fabric is that when you rub the surface of the fabric with your hands, there will be obvious creases on the surface of the fabric, but when you level the surface of the fabric with your hands, the creases disappear, and the fabric is as smooth as before, and the fabric feels good and the fabric can easily maintain its shape.

The main material of the fabric with memory function is a kind of PTT chemical fiber filament, which has good flexibility and elastic recovery performance, so as to ensure the memory function of the fiber. After the filament is spun, a certain special treatment is required for the filament. Only the filament after such treatment can better reflect the memory function of the fabric, otherwise the effect may be unsatisfactory.

Advantages of memory fabric:

● It has a unique memory function and a comfortable feel, which cannot be replaced by any other fiber.

● The fabric is soft and shiny, making the fabric comparable to silk.

● Anti-wrinkle and shrinkage, drape, smoothness and non-ironing effect are its unique characteristics.

● The wicking, sweat-wicking and anti-ultraviolet function, and resistance to sunlight, make people and nature always maintain a perfect unity.

● Superior antibacterial, anti-mildew and skin care properties make your skin like spring all year round.

● Completely biodegradable, its products can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water in the soil or seawater after being discarded, so that your environment will always remain natural and green. It is widely used in developed countries in Europe and America. It is currently the most perfect environmentally friendly and green fiber in the world.

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