The Lightweight Fabric Is An Innovation Of Casual Clothing

Update: 21-05-2020

The Lightweight Fabric uses unique technology to make t […]

The Lightweight Fabric uses unique technology to make the fabric have the functions of rapidly diffusing body heat, accelerating sweat discharge and lowering body temperature, and keeping the fabric cool and comfortable for a long time. This is a new creation for sports clothing and outdoor casual clothing fabrics. Lightweight fabrics will provide people with comfortable and environment-friendly clothing and cool ice.

Principle of a lightweight fabric: lightweight fabric adjusts the temperature by absorbing heat, giving a cool comfort to the skin.

Use of lightweight fabric: lightweight fabric is suitable for underwear fabric, shirt fabric, bedding fabric, casual clothing fabric, various clothing fabrics, household textile fabrics, etc. The surface temperature of the finished textile is appropriate, making people feel cool and comfortable. Lightweight fabrics have excellent washability.