The Production Process Of Yarn Dyed Fabric Is More Complicated

Update: 22-09-2020

In order to let everyone have a better understanding of […]

In order to let everyone have a better understanding of yarn dyed fabric, let's introduce yarn dyed fabric in detail.

There are two ways to dye fabrics, one is to weave the base fabric first, and then dye the fabrics with dyes, and the other is to dye the yarns first, and then weave them into fabrics with lustful yarns. We call the fabrics made by dyeing the yarns first and then weaving them as yarn dyed fabric.

1. This way of dyeing first and then weaving can make the color of cloth have better permeability, and at the same time, the color of cloth will be firmer, which is not easy to fade. However, the production process of yarn dyed fabric will be more complicated than that of ordinary dyed fabric, which virtually increases the processing cost, so the price of yarn dyed fabric will be higher than that of ordinary fabric.

2. Fabrics made by yarn dyed method will be more gorgeous and full in color, and will undergo washing and other processes in the processing process, which can make fabrics more resistant to washing and shrinkage, and yarn dyed garments are not easy to shrink and wrinkle.

3. The characteristics of yarn dyed fabric are also closely related to the base fabric. Yarn dyed cotton is soft and breathable, and yarn dyed linen is retro and wear-resistant, so you can choose fabrics according to your own needs.