The Secrets of Seamless Down Jacket Fabrics

Update: 22-12-2020

In recent years, seamless down jackets are particularly […]

In recent years, seamless down jackets are particularly popular. This process is derived from the innovation in the technical field and is the latest application of high-tech textile technology in down jackets. What are the differences between seamless down jackets and traditional down jackets?

Down jacket fabric is woven by woven technology, but in the process of filling down, in order to keep the down uniform, the clothes are often divided into pieces, so each dividing line is filled with various pinholes. The gap, the nasty drill velvet came out from here. Of course, the dividing line formed by the suture also makes the waterproof coating useless.

The annoying drill fleece will make other clothing stained with fluff. At this time, the seamless technology to save the world comes. There are two types of seamless fit and seamless integrated weaving.

Seamless fit is to use adhesive strips instead of traditional quilting to partition the down jacket, which not only ensures that the down will not fall, but also effectively controls the number of pinholes, thereby reducing runaway. Not only that, the windproof and water repellent properties of the fabric itself are further improved due to the reduction of pinholes. This type of down jacket only uses high-toughness sutures to connect key parts such as the connection between the sleeve and the torso, and the connection between the front and rear pieces of the clothes.

However, the more capable is seamless weaving. In the traditional weaving process, the fabric is often made, and then stitched after being cut. Since the birth of the textile industry, this production method has not changed. Even today's seamless down jackets are made of two pieces of fabric stitched together and filled with down. However, this seamless integrated weaving technology directly makes the stitching partitions in the weaving process. There is no quilting, pinholes, and no rubber strips, but the original link parts are more durable. Just like the railway tracks we see, the railways used to be connected by nails, but now they are formed into a whole through special technology, which is naturally stronger and more detailed, and the connection is not frustrated at all.

After listening to the introduction of seamless technology, do you feel that seamless down jacket fabrics are even taller? Of course, in addition to the comfort and warmth brought by powerful technology, the upper body effect of the seamless down jacket is also particularly outstanding, which can be recognized at a glance in the crowd. Wujiang Wanshiyi specializes in the production of down jacket fabrics and cotton fabrics. More technology and techniques are welcome to develop and customize with samples: lightweight fabric.

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