The Trend of Outdoor Protective Fabrics

Update: 15-12-2020

At the time when resources are becoming more and more s […]

At the time when resources are becoming more and more scarce, more and more young people are beginning to work hard to reduce the impact on the environment. At the same time, functional fabrics that integrate technology with pragmatic fashion in the future are also gradually emerging, so they are tear-resistant, anti-bacterial, waterproof, Reflective and other new functional fabrics have become the trend of 21/22 autumn and winter. Fashion and technological functions coexist, giving cotton down jackets new charm and added value.

Derived from futuristic and trendy fabrics——Vinyl is a new composite material, blended with various polyester chemical fibers to produce distinctive trendy fabrics. The fabric has excellent waterproof effect, and the surface of the material shows strong reflective and colorful The effect satisfies the unique personality of the young generation and the strong demand of chasing the trend. It is also one of the main trend fabrics in the future 21/22 autumn and winter. The types and colors of the fabrics are rich and diverse, oil film reflection, tin foil metal, rainbow light, holographic streamer, etc. Create a light aesthetic fabric that combines fashion and technology.

With the continuous improvement of consumers' awareness of self-protection, lightweight, thin and transparent technical fabrics have once again become one of the key fabrics for 21/22 autumn and winter. The fabrics are matched with N66 tissue fiber, which is double the performance of ordinary tear-resistant fabrics. Soft and comfortable, it is also a good choice for men's and women's outdoor sportswear and future technology cotton down jackets.

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