The Yarn Dyed Fabric has Become A New Trend

Update: 16-03-2021

In terms of color, fabrics in the fabric industry are d […]

In terms of color, fabrics in the fabric industry are divided into three categories: yarn-dyed, dyed, and printing. Leading the new trend of women's fashion is the goal that Wujiang Wanshiyi strives to pursue. Let’s introduce to you what yarn dyed fabric is? What are the types of yarn dyed fabric? What are the differences between full-dyed fabric and half-dyed fabric?

What is yarn dyed fabric?

Yarn-dyed weaving refers to the process of dyeing yarns (filaments) and then weaving the colored yarns into fabrics. This process is called "first dyed fabric" in Japan. The yarn-dyed fabric products have good Color fastness, good color and light perception, and good layering, there are two types of yarn-dyed weaving: full yarn-dyed weaving and half yarn-dyed weaving. Those fabrics that first dye yarn (filament) and then weave colored yarn are called "yarn dyed fabric".

What are the advantages of yarn dyed fabric?

Strong three-dimensional effect: yarn-dyed fabrics use different colors of yarns to match the fabric structure to form a variety of beautiful flower patterns, which have a three-dimensional effect than general printed fabrics.

Good color fastness: Because the yarn-dyed fabric is dyed with raw yarn and has strong dye permeability, the dyeing fastness is better.

Rich colors: The yarn-dyed fabric is woven with multi-shuttle and dobby, which can interweave different fibers or different yarn counts into varieties with rich colors and smart patterns.

Unique style: Because the yarn-dyed fabric adopts colored yarn or color yarn and various organizational changes, it can be woven into a variety of beautiful and unique styles.

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