There Is Still Much Room for The Development of Yarn Dyed Fabric

Update: 08-11-2019

The yarn dyed fabric is a fabric made of dyed yarns. Ya […]

The yarn dyed fabric is a fabric made of dyed yarns. Yarn dyeing is generally divided into two ways: colored spinning and dyed yarn. Yarn dyed fabric commonly used in the market refers to fabric woven by woven machines. Knitting machines can also make yarn dyed fabric. Compared with printed and dyed cloth, it has a unique style and high price.

Yarn dyed fabric has good color fastness, because the yarn is dyed first, and the color will penetrate into the yarn, while printed and dyed fabrics are different, and some places are not colored when the yarn is peeled off.

Compared with printing and dyeing fabrics, yarn dyed fabric is rich in color, strong in stereoscopic impression and high in color fastness. However, due to large process losses in yarn dyeing, weaving, finishing and other processes, Taiwan production is not as high as that of grey-white fabrics, so the input cost is high and the technical requirements are high. Yarn dyed fabric accounts for only 7% of the world's cotton spinning industry, with the highest proportion of printed and dyed fabrics and denim. In the future, with consumers' demand for clothing colors becoming more fashionable and changeable, yarn dyed fabric still has great development prospects.