What Are The Characteristics of Lightweight Nylon Fabric

Update: 10-01-2020

The lightweight nylon fabric is as tough as polyester, […]

The lightweight nylon fabric is as tough as polyester, so it has excellent performance in tensile resistance and abrasion resistance. These characteristics also greatly improve the practicability of nylon. This is also why many of the rush clothes or waterproof clothes on the market are made of nylon.

Secondly, nylon has extremely high heat resistance. Crystalline nylon will not damage the quality even in an environment of 150 degrees Celsius. Therefore, nylon is not easy to be damaged due to high temperature during processing.

Excellent fatigue resistance is another major feature of nylon fabric. No matter how the fabric can be stretched or folded, its strength will not be lost. It is very suitable for occasions with periodic fatigue, such as bicycle rims and handrails of escalators, etc. Therefore, the application of nylon is not limited to the clothing field.

In addition, nylon itself is non-toxic and harmless, and will not damage the human body during production or wearing. In addition, nylon has the characteristics of easy dyeing and easy moulding, which provides convenience for the design and production of clothing.

Finally, nylon has outstanding wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It can resist corrosive substances such as gasoline, alcohol and salt. Therefore, clothes made of nylon fabric have strong corrosion resistance. Therefore, it can be said that it is a relatively easy-to-care fabric. Washing can be directly thrown into the washing machine, which can be described as a necessary clothing for lazy people.

The last point is that the price of nylon cloth is not high, so the price of this kind of clothing is also more affordable.