What Is The Difference Between Yarn Dyed Fabric And Printed Fabric

Update: 18-06-2020

When it comes to yarn dyed fabric, I believe many peopl […]

When it comes to yarn dyed fabric, I believe many people will mix it with printed fabric. After all, both look like printed fabrics. In fact, the process of yarn dyed fabric is different from that of printed fabric. Printing first weaves cloth and then prints, while yarn dyed fabric is different. The following is an introduction to the next yarn dyed fabric.

Yarn dyed fabric is a kind of fabric produced by yarn dyeing, according to the color configuration of different colored yarns we need, combined with a reasonable weave structure. It has certain patterns and colors. Yarn dyed fabric generally presents the style of plaid and sliver, and is also made of ordinary woven fabric. Yarn dyeing of yarn dyed fabric is generally divided into two categories: colored spinning and dyed yarn. Generally speaking, yarn dyed fabric is woven woven fabric, but knitting machines can also make yarn-dyed knitted fabric. Through yarn changes of different colors, interweaving patterns of warp and weft yarns, and matching with different plaid sizes, a variety of products with different flower shapes and colors are interweaved.

In fact, it is not difficult to distinguish dyed polyester fabric from printed fabric. Yarn dyed fabric is made of ordinary woven fabric, like some men's shirts we usually wear, with stripes on the fabric surface and the reverse side of the fabric. If the reverse side also has some faint plaids or stripes, then it is dyed fabric. If there is nothing white, it is printed and dyed cloth.