What Kind of Bonded Fabric Is Really Good

Update: 01-07-2020

First of all, we should judge the Bonded fabric from th […]

First of all, we should judge the Bonded fabric from the hand feeling. Manufactured products with rough hand feel, such as clothing, are naturally not popular, so the first thing to do is to feel soft and give a good impression upon contact. Moreover, people usually think that fabrics with good hand feel are usually of high quality.

Second, the bonded fabric has more functions and can adapt to various environments. Its functions are waterproof, breathable, cold-proof, warm-keeping, environment-friendly, washable, etc. Why do we have these characteristics? Because people have to adapt to various environments outdoors, the ready-made clothes they wear have these characteristics, which can reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles for people, thus they can better and safer preserve themselves outdoors.

Third, bonded fabric should be widely used. Bonded fabric can be made into a variety of products, so diversity will be welcomed. Because some customers may be making some matching products, if different products need to find different manufacturers, the time, loss and cost will increase.

To sum up, good bonded fabric can be judged from hand feeling, function and use.