What Kind Of Fabric Is Suitable For Digital Printing

Update: 13-07-2020

Digital printing is gradually becoming popular, and dig […]

Digital printing is gradually becoming popular, and digital printing fabric are more realistic and fine than traditional printing. At present, there are two main digital printing technologies: one is digital direct injection, and the other is digital thermal transfer printing. Many people will have the question "What kind of fabric is suitable for digital printing?"

In theory, all fabrics can be digitally printed, but in fact, different digital printing processes should be selected according to the characteristics of fabrics. For example, polyester printing fabric, now digital direct-injection printing, has low tint and unclear pattern. Therefore, polyester chemical fiber fabrics are generally processed by thermal transfer printing. Cotton, linen, silk, nylon and other fabrics are generally processed by digital direct injection technology.

At present, digital printing technology still has some limitations, and the price is higher, but with the continuous development of science and technology, I believe these problems will be solved soon, and digital printing will replace traditional printing sooner or later. Soon after, you will see in the market that printing fabrics may all be digitally processed.