Which Aspects Are Cationic Fabric Used According to Their Characteristics

Update: 20-11-2019

Cationic high-temperature resistance, so in the process […]

Cationic high-temperature resistance, so in the process of yarn coloring, other yarns will be dyed color, while cationic yarn will not be dyed, in this case, the dyed yarn will show a two-color effect, and this effect of yarn can be made into all kinds of clothing, so there will be cationic fabric.

Use of cationic fabric:

1. Cationic fabric is very good in water absorption and its dyeing cylinder difference is relatively small, so it is especially suitable to be used as sports clothes. It is mainly made into sweatshirts, sports pants, yoga clothes, etc. If cationic fabric is relatively thick and its napping effect is very good, it can be used as warm clothes, warm pants, etc.

2. Cationic fabric are also very effective in environmental protection and can be used as environmentally friendly polyester and ammonia fabrics.

3. Cationic fabric are soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, bright in color, similar in effect to natural fabrics, good in elasticity and hygiene, and can be used for making high-grade underwear, swimwear and sportswear fabrics.