Bonded Fabric Are Popular With Consumers

Update: 12-05-2020

The Bonded fabric is made of multi-layer cloth. The bon […]

The Bonded fabric is made of multi-layer cloth. The bonded fabric has many advantages, and its texture is soft, rich and thick. The bonded fabric is formed by laminating outer fabric with TPU and PTFE film. The outer fabric is made of polyester, nylon or nylon/polyester blended fabric. It has soft hand feeling, wear resistance, tear resistance, good colour and lustre, excellent waterproof, breathable, windproof effect and long durability.

People like to use bonded fabric to make clothes because the crease resistance of the bonded fabric is compared well, clothes are not easy to wrinkle, and they are very resistant to washing. This kind of fabric is suitable and comfortable to wear on the body and is widely expected by consumers. Bonded fabric is classified as one of the four non-woven fabric bonded skills. It is a very useful skill in people's life. Everyone needs to wear clothes, while people like to use bonded fabric to make clothes. Clothes made of the bonded fabric have now become a very popular commodity, which is deeply liked by everyone. Bonded fabric is also waterproof, so clothes made of it are not easy to be contaminated with dust and oil stains, and can also be used in the manufacture of sofas, which are very soft and wear-resistant. Bonded fabric is one of the necessary commodities for home use.

The compounding method: weaving cloth and knitting cloth are compounded; Knitted fabric and knitted fabric are compounded; Woven fabrics are compounded with woven fabrics.

The door width of the bonded fabric is limited to the size before the two fabrics are combined, usually reaching 145CM. Bonded fabric is a new type of fabric with favourable price and good quality, which is worth developing.