Lightweight Fabric Combined With Waterproof And Sunscreen Functions

Update: 08-05-2020

The Lightweight Fabric is a combination of fit and soft […]

The Lightweight Fabric is a combination of fit and softness. It is light, breathable, smooth, free of burden, refreshing and comfortable, and relieves muscle surface dryness and heat in summer.

The tight and meticulous lightweight fabric is added with anti-water splashing performance, which can be used for drifting and going to the seaside to protect the inner clothes from water dripping and ensure the cloth surface is dry and dry.

The fine fiber structure enables sweat to quickly spread to a wider range, thus increasing evaporation rate and reducing the time that sweat stays on the skin to keep the skin fresh.

Using new technology combined with innovative textile technology to protect skin from UV damage, followed by the tanning culprit UVA effect is particularly significant so that you buy fewer bottles of sunscreen so that we enjoy the sunshine while not afraid of sun exposure, in addition to the sunscreen effect of resisting UV rays, lightweight fabrics are ultra-thin and skin-friendly, breathable, non-sultry, light-transmissive, sweat-absorbent, quick-drying and breathable.