Common Knowledge Of The Performance Of Yarn Dyed Fabric

Update: 22-07-2020

Yarn dyed fabric are often used as shirt fabrics. Light […]

Yarn dyed fabric are often used as shirt fabrics. Light and textured yarn dyed fabric are comfortable and breathable, especially suitable for single wear, and are equipped with coats with good style and temperament. Yarn dyed fabric use yarns of different colors to match with fabrics to form various beautiful flower patterns, which have three-dimensional effect compared with ordinary printed fabrics. Because yarn dyed fabric are dyed with raw yarns and dye permeability is strong, the dyeing fastness is better. Yarn dyed fabric are woven with multi-shuttle and multi-arm, which can interweave different fibers or yarns into varieties with rich colors and smart patterns. However, due to the great loss of dyeing, weaving, finishing and other processes, the input cost is high and the technical requirements are high.

Yarn dyed fabric are made of dyed yarns. Yarn dyeing is generally divided into two ways: yarn dyed spinning and dyed yarn. Generally speaking, yarn dyed fabric refer to woven fabrics, but knitting machines can also be made into yarn dyed knitted fabrics. Compared with dyed fabrics, it has a special style, but the price is expensive.

Color fastness of yarn dyed fabric is better, because it dyes the yarn first, and the color will penetrate into the yarn, while the printed and dyed fabric will generally peel off the yarn and find some places without coloring. The minimum order quantity is small, no matter what yarn weaving, density, texture and color are tens of meters or hundreds of meters, but it is difficult to customize dyed printed fabric without grey fabric, and the dyeing printing process will also limit small batch production.

There are two kinds of yarn dyed fabric, full-color and half-color.

All-color weaving means that there are dyed or partially dyed yarns in warp and weft, or several colored yarns in fabric are interwoven with white yarns.

Semi-color weaving means that the yarn of warp or weft is dyed or partially dyed, and the blank yarn cannot be used for weaving yarn dyed fabric. Because the tension and shrinkage of the blank yarn are different from those of dyed yarns, it must not be used in warp direction, and when used in weft direction, the cloth surface will be deformed due to shrinkage. Therefore, colorless yarns are usually semi-bleached or fully bleached.