Cotton Nylon Fabric VS Cotton Fabric

Update: 18-10-2021

Today we will briefly compare cotton nylon fabric and p […]

Today we will briefly compare cotton nylon fabric and pure cotton fabric.

Cotton and nylon fabrics are more wear-resistant and generally good for outerwear; pure cotton is more comfortable and softer, and it is generally better to use pure cotton for close-fitting clothes.

Nylon is chemical fiber, and the common ones are polyester and viscose fiber. Generally, polyester is slightly better than viscose. In winter, most of the outerwear fabrics are these two types. There are few pure cotton fabrics, and more expensive ones. Pure wool and cashmere.

Pure cotton is generally worn close to the body, comfortable to wear and does not irritate the skin (without formaldehyde), such as underwear, summer T-shirts, casual pants, jackets, etc.

It is not recommended to wear chemical fiber clothing close to the body, because the formaldehyde content standard does not meet the standard of personal wearing, so more outerwear fabrics are used.

Chemical fiber clothing has high color fastness and is not easy to fade; while pure cotton fabric has low color fastness and is easy to fade.

Chemical fiber clothing, when made into fabrics, is strong, windproof, dirt-resistant, easy to wash, hand-washed and machine-washed, no ironing after washing, just flattened and shaken (wrinkles are not easy to form, but once dead wrinkles are formed, they cannot be ironed);

Pure cotton fabrics are recommended to be washed by hand. If machine-washed, they are easily deformed and need to be ironed after washing (otherwise they are small wrinkles, which are live wrinkles and can be ironed), and pure cotton fabrics have a certain shrinkage rate.

Winter coats are usually large, windproof, dirt-resistant, and easy to wash (the washing is heavy, the elderly recommend machine washing)

Therefore, it is recommended to buy polyester (washing method, please see the internal standard of clothing).

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