Features of Elastic and Wear-Resistant Lightweight Nylon Fabric

Update: 25-05-2021

The elastic and wear-resistant lightweight nylon fabric […]

The elastic and wear-resistant lightweight nylon fabric includes a base fabric layer and at least one coating layer, wherein the base fabric layer is a nylon fabric interwoven with warp yarns and weft yarns.

The elastic elongation in the warp direction is 16%-30%, the elastic elongation in the weft direction is 15%-32%, and the elastic recovery rate in the warp and weft directions is above 95%.

Coat a layer of coating on the base cloth layer, and the coating slurry is composed of the following parts by mass: 45-65 parts of polyurethane modified polyester resin, 15-30 parts of polyurethane resin, and 6 parts of silane coupling agent -10 parts, 7-15 parts of cross-linking agent, 5-8 parts of titanium dioxide and 12-18 parts of toluene.

Lightweight elastic and wear-resistant nylon fabric, the fabric is thin, dense, smooth, elastic, and after coating treatment, it has excellent wear resistance, which is very suitable as a light outdoor product with certain requirements for elasticity and wear resistance. Sportswear with water pressure resistance of 20,000mm class / moisture permeability of 8,000g / m2 / 24hr class is an ideal product for sports style items.

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