How to Identify the Positive and Negative Sides of Cotton Nylon Fabric

Update: 06-07-2020

Among the numerous product series of cotton nylon fabri […]

Among the numerous product series of cotton nylon fabric, the front and back of some fabrics are difficult to distinguish. Any slight negligence in the sewing process of clothing is easy to make mistakes, such as uneven color depth and uneven pattern. Serious problems may also cause obvious color difference, unclear pattern and fabric inversion, affecting the appearance of ready-made clothing. In addition to the sensory methods of seeing and touching, the identification of the front and back of the fabric can also be done from the fabric's organizational structure characteristics, color characteristics, special appearance effects after special finishing, as well as from the fabric's trademark stickers and seals.

1. According to the fabric structure identification

Generally, the front surface is relatively smooth and bright, and the color is even and clear.

2. Identification according to fabric pattern and color

The patterns and patterns on the front of all kinds of fabrics are relatively clear and clean, and the shapes and line outlines of the patterns are relatively fine and obvious, with distinct levels and vivid and full colors. The reverse side is lighter in color than the front side, the outline of the lines is fuzzy, the pattern lacks layers, and the luster is dim.

3. According to the fabric organization change and pattern recognition

Jacquard, jacquard and jacquard fabrics have many variations in weave patterns. In general, there are less floating yarns on the front side of the weave, and the stripes, plaids and proposed patterns are more obvious than those on the back side, and the lines are clear, the outline is prominent, the color is even and clean, and the luster is bright and soft.

4. Identification according to fabric edge

Generally, the front side of the cloth edge of a fabric is flat and stiff than the back side, and the edge of the cloth edge of the back side is curled inwards. For fabrics woven by shuttleless looms, the fabric edge on the front side is relatively flat, and thread ends can be easily found on the back side.

5. Identification according to the appearance effect after special finishing of fabric

The front profile is clear, layered and bright in color.

6. Identification according to trademark and seal

When cotton nylon fabric are inspected before leaving the factory, product trademark paper or instructions are usually pasted on the side opposite to the fabric. On both ends of each segment of each horse are stamped with the factory date and inspection stamp, which is the reverse side of the fabric. Different from the products sold in domestic market, the trademark stickers and seals of export products are covered on the front.