Memory Fabric Sounds Very Scientific And Technological

Update: 17-09-2020

The biggest headache for men is definitely the shirt or […]

The biggest headache for men is definitely the shirt or trousers they need to wear when they get up every morning. When they are taken out, there will always be wrinkles. For those who wear formal clothes every day, this will definitely make you feel good when you get up early in the morning. Although the cloth like cotton and linen is very comfortable to wear on your body, if you are not careful when placing it, it will definitely be very wrinkled when you take it out again. Because of this, the fabric market research and development.

The word "memory fabric" sounds very scientific and technological, which is indeed a kind of fabric variety that has appeared in recent years. Its biggest characteristic is that it has memory function, and it is easy to take care of without ironing and wrinkle. It is made of 100% polyester fiber, and its own density is extremely high, which is unmatched by fabrics made of natural fibers. Therefore, even if you fold it repeatedly, you will still not see a wrinkle when you pick it up. This characteristic makes it play a role in all kinds of clothes, such as the down jacket that everyone wears in winter, and all kinds of men's formal dresses will also choose this fabric.

In addition to the anti-wrinkle feature we mentioned above, memory fabrics also appear in other aspects, such as being very simple to wash, being able to wash very cleanly with only a little laundry detergent, and drying it quickly, and it doesn't need to be scalded or cared for after drying. It is still very straight when you put it up and wear it next time, and it won't fade. Even after repeated washing, it won't appear dim in color.