Outdoor Protection Fabric Emerged at The Historic Moment

Update: 20-03-2020

Outdoor Protection Fabric has been introduced to China […]

Outdoor Protection Fabric has been introduced to China from abroad for more than ten years, and have gradually become a popular trend. Outdoor protection fabric has an increasing market share in China. Some white-collar workers and higher-income groups have more and more functional and comfortable clothing choices, so outdoor functional clothing has emerged.

Outdoor protection fabric is divided into two types. One is clothing made of outdoor sports fabrics. These fabrics are mainly mountaineering clothing, ski clothing, and assault clothing. They are rugged in style, hard to handle, and have very high requirements on product performance. They are suitable for use in sports functional types and harsh environments and have a protective effect on people (foreign brands have very strict requirements on this, and must be tested by authoritative international testing organizations such as ITSSGS. Domestic brands do not have such detailed requirements).

Another kind of clothing is made of outdoor leisure fabric, which is defined as outdoor activities outside the house. This kind of fabric is mainly leisure fashion, exquisite workmanship, soft hand feel and comfortable to wear.

How to judge the quality and function of outdoor clothing is mainly reflected in the function of textile fabrics. The function includes the following tests: shrinkage, seam slip, elongation strength, tear strength, PH value, water resistance, water pressure resistance, moisture permeability, rain, light, water stain, sweat stain, friction, machine wash and other physical performance indicators.

The processing technology of outdoor protection fabric is more complex than that of conventional fabric, involving many processing links, and has many functions such as waterproof, windproof, moisture-permeable, water pressure resistant, warm-keeping, perspiration, ultraviolet protection, etc. Therefore, quality control is very critical in the production process of textile fabric.

Outdoor protection fabrics are generally made of nylon, polyester and other chemical fibre fabrics through post-processing, waterproof, calendering, wet and dry coating, laminating and other processes, with waterproof, moisture permeable, breathable, water pressure resistant, ultraviolet resistant and other functional fabrics. Then these functions must first be started from the source, which is the textile printing and dyeing factory.