Reveal The Mystery Veil of Lightweight Nlyon Fabric

Update: 03-08-2020

Nylon is a common and frequently used fabric in shoulde […]

Nylon is a common and frequently used fabric in shoulder bag customization, among which lightweight shoulder bags are mostly used. Today, we will reveal the mystery of lightweight nylon fabric.

1. Good wear resistance

The wear resistance of nylon fabric ranks first, which is many times higher than other fiber fabrics of similar products, so it has excellent durability.

2. Good water resistance

Nylon fabric will not be absorbed when encountering water. When the backpack encounters stains, it is easy to take care of it by wiping it with water. When encountering rainy days, it can protect important items in the backpack and avoid getting wet.

2. Good air permeability

The hygroscopicity of nylon fabric belongs to the middle and upper reaches of synthetic fiber fabric, so the backpack made of nylon will be more comfortable and breathable and reduce the heat of carrying.

3. Good portability

Nylon is a light fabric, and the weight of the shoulder bag made is much lighter than that of other fabrics, so it is more conducive to travel. Therefore, the backpacks and mountaineering bags for traveling are mostly made of nylon cloth.

4. Poor heat resistance and light resistance

Nylon fabric has poor heat resistance and light resistance, so pay attention to the details of washing and maintenance during use to avoid damaging fabric fibers.